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New Maternity Photoshoot Dresses Arrived!

I'm always trying to offer more choices of props and accessories for both Maternity and Newborn Photography Sessions in my studio. It is also important to follow the latest trends - while staying true to my style.

This time I have gone a bit crazy with materials, patterns and colours, stocking up with different shades of purple, blue, white/creamy, brown, beige and pink. Some of the gorgeous new maternity dresses are embroidered, some are translucent, some are colourful and others are more simple but elegant. A can proudly say that by now I have a beautiful selection of pregnancy outfits.

I can't wait to see how the new dresses look on my expecting clients and experiment with different colours, backgrounds and lights t oachieve the best results which moms will love.

For more information on Maternity and Newborn Photography Sessions check out our website, get in touch through the Contact page or call Janette on 0431 591 096.

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