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Maternity Photo Shoot Gowns - Part One: Light Colors


maternity photoshoot gowns

One of the Most Frequently Asked Questions

Many expecting mums ask me about our dresses and accessories when they first inquire or when they book their maternity session.

Our clients always love browsing through our wardrobe and choosing their favorite outfits to wear for their session. During a maternity shoot, our expecting clients usually change about 5 times. Some ladies only wear our dresses, others bring their own too and wear some of those as well for their portraits.

Many of our gowns can also be worn for newborn and family portrait sessions as mama gowns. Our clients often wear at least one same outfit for their mother and baby portraits, as for their maternity portraits. This opens the possibilities for stunning before and after images.

I decided to write this post to show a selection of the outfits we have in the studio. I won't be able to list and show all of them because we have so many. I also add new ones all the time to the collection.

In this article, I will write about our light colored dresses, and there will be more articles soon about the darker toned ones.

The White and Creamy Ones

We have quite a few white and creamy colored maternity gowns. Some of them are plain, others are lacy or tulle. The first two are some of the most popular ones, we use these at almost all our pregnancy sessions.

maternity photography

pregnancy photos sydney

maternity shoot sydney

outdoor maternity session

This style of outfit on the above two images we have in many different colors, like purple, navy blue, light brown and beige. Some of them are sheer, others lacy materials. They are one size fits all, strapless and open up at the front to reveal the belly. They are very popular for maternity photography.

This simple, elegant, plain white dress below is much loved by our expecting mums. We also have this dress in a beautiful purple color, and long sleeve and sleeveless versions as well.

motherhood photography

We also have lacy robes which look really nice over lingerie or a bodysuit. We have them in white, creamy, light blue and black.

pregnancy photography

This gorgeous tulle skirt looks amazing on maternity photos with a crop top. We have several tops to choose from and other skirts too.

maternity photography sydney

Beautiful wide, long materials like sheer, silk or tulle can look stunning on maternity photos. We use these many ways and make them fly too for a really stunning look. The studio has these in many colors.

pregnancy shoot sydney

More Light Choices

Without any doubt, this elegant, silky, sand colored dress is one of the most popular ones in our maternity gown collection. Our clients often use it for their mother and baby portraits as well.

studio maternity photography

mother and baby photography

This dress - like many of our other ones - is beautifully handmade in the Netherlands.

The stunning peachy colored dress below was handmade in Thailand, exclusively for our studio, and looks exactly as I pictured it in my mind when I placed the order.

outdoor maternity shoot

One of my personal favorites is the light blue princess dress. It has a beautiful tulle shoulder piece and the skirt is made of the same material. There is a zip at the back and the size can be adjusted.

maternity photographer sydney

We also have a dress which has a very similar style to the above light blue one. The whole gown is made of soft tulle material and looks stunning on artistic images. It is difficult to define the color but the photo below says it all.

studio pregnancy session

We offer maternity gowns in different sizes and many of them are one size fits all. Most of them can be easily adjusted with pins.

Please reach out to us if you would like to know more about our pregnancy dresses and accessories. If you would like to have a look at them in person, come and visit us in the studio. Our consultations are free and can be booked online.

To see more of our maternity portraits, please visit our gallery.

Read about our mid tone and dark toned maternity photo shoot outfits in the next two blog posts!

With any questions, feel free to call Janette on 0431 591 096.

Janette Osvay


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