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Maternity Photo Shoot Gowns - Part Two: Mid Tones

As promised in the previous blog post about our light colored maternity photo shoot gowns, here comes the next part about our mid tone dresses. We offer 60 gowns, dresses and accessories for maternity photography, and some of the most popular ones include, pink, light blue, beige, light purple, gold, orange, yellow and a few more.

The Blues

outdoor maternity shoot

One of our most popular gowns is the azure blue one on the above image. It looks absolutely stunning, especially for outdoor maternity sessions, but it looks great in the studio as well, with a darker background. It has a built in bodysuit and a slit on one side to beautifully show the leg.The unique sleeve style makes it even more beautiful.

The blue infinity dress below comes with a matching tube top and light grey tulle scarf as an optional accessory. Despite of the appearances in the photo below, the dress does not come with a white fluffy dog. My clients brought Lulu to their maternity session and we had so much fun, even though Lulu looks terrified on some of the images.

studio maternity shoot

The Silky Shawls

We use many long, wide shawls for our maternity sessions, like the silky light blue, the golden one and the cherry pink below. They can look like dresses or like accessories, but always glamorous. They look amazing on expecting mums in the studio, and on the beach as well, flying in the wind. We use this all the time for beach maternity sessions.

pregnancy photography sydney

maternity photos sydney

beach maternity shoot

The Pink Ones

On top of the above cherry pink silky shawl, we offer a few more pink coloured maternity photo shoot dresses. The lacy pink mermaid dress is one of our client's favorites, especially if they are expecting a little girl. It is beautifully handmade in the Netherlands, with lacy decorations. Interesting fact is that the below image was taken at the Royal North Shore Hospital, since our client had to stay there until giving birth. On the day of her maternity session, our team went to the hospital, did her makeup and hair styling in the hospital room, and captured the images in the park in front of the building. It was a wonderful, unique experience!

outdoor maternity photography

We also have a pink infinity dress with a matching tulle shawl. It is made of a very soft material and can be used in many ways.

I even won an award with the below maternity portrait, where the expecting mama is wearing this dress.

outdoor pregnancy photos

Mustard and Purple

The mustard colored pregnancy dress is without doubt one of the most popular ones. It has a built in bodysuit with beautiful lacy decorations, an off shoulder piece made of tulle and lace, and a long tulle skirt, open at the front to reveal the belly. It looks stunning in the studio with a dark background, or in a park, surrounded by greenery.

studio maternity shoot

maternity photography sydney

The light purple pregnancy dress is a baby shower gown as well. Even though the matching little girl's dress on the photo below does not belong to the studio, we do have many little girl's dresses as well that can be matched to our maternity photo shoot gowns.

maternity family portrait

The Bodysuits

We have beautiful bodysuits as well in the studio, which show the shape of pregnancy perfectly. The rusty brown one is one of my favorites, but I'm very fond of the light pink one as well.

sydney maternity photographer

pregnancy pictures

We have a black and a moss green bodysuit as well, but these will be mention in the next post about the darker toned maternity gowns.

Please visit us in the studio if you would like to see all of our gowns, dresses, shawls and other accessories for pregnancy photography. We are more than happy to show you around the studio and explain everything about our maternity sessions. To book a free consultation, please visit our Book Online page.

To see more of our maternity portraiture work, please visit our Maternity Gallery.

For any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us, either by calling Janette on 0431 591 096 or through out Contact page. We look forward to seeing you in the studio.

For our lighter colored maternity gowns, please have a look at our previous blog post and for our dark toned ones check out our next blog post.


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