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Newborn Photography in Focus: Capturing Moments That Last a Lifetime, Through a Wonderful, Relaxed Experience

Becoming parents is a joyous occasion, and the desire to preserve these precious moments with beautiful newborn and family portraits is natural. In this era of digital documentation, new parents seek a professional touch to capture the essence of their newfound parenthood. This is where a professional newborn photographer plays a pivotal role, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. This is where we would love to help you!

mother and baby portrait

Our Approach

With over 15 years of experience in photographing newborn babies and their families, we know how to focus on the important aspects:

Creating a Relaxed and Smooth Experience

The journey begins with the photographer's commitment to providing a relaxed and smooth experience for new parents, babies and small children. Our main focus is to alleviate any stress associated with a photoshoot, allowing the family to focus on enjoying the moment.

Organising Everything for the Parents

From the styling of outfits to the selection of props, the photographer takes charge of every detail, ensuring a hassle-free experience. This meticulous organisation adds an element of ease to the entire process.

Attention to Detail: Styling, Outfits, and Props

Every photoshoot is a unique canvas, and the photographer understands the importance of details. The styling of outfits, selection of props, and arrangement of accessories contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the portraits.

Professional Makeup and Hair Styling for the Mother

Recognising the significance of the mother's role in the photoshoot, we offer professional makeup and hair styling services. This thoughtful touch enhances the overall visual appeal and adds to the mother's comfort.

professional makeup and hair styling

The Environment

Fostering a Relaxed and Friendly Atmosphere in our Beautiful Boutique Studio

Creating a relaxed and friendly environment is at the core of a professional newborn photographer's approach. The goal is to make the entire session enjoyable for the whole family, by creating a connection that translates into genuine smiles and expressions.

The Significance of a Comfortable Environment for Newborns

Newborns are particularly sensitive to their surroundings. A warm, welcoming, quiet and friendly space is essential for them to feel at ease, ensuring that the photographer can capture those heartwarming moments.

newborn baby photo

Session Inclusions

Newborn Props, Accessories, and Outfits

Our studio offers a variety of gorgeous props, accessories, and outfits, tailoring each session to the family's preferences. This diverse selection helps to add creativity and uniqueness to your portraits.

Gorgeous Gowns and Dresses for Mums

In addition to the newborn props, our studio provides an array of gowns and dresses for the new mother. This not only contributes to the visual diversity of the portraits but also allows the mother to feel special during the session.

Snacks and Refreshments During the Session

Acknowledging the demands of a photoshoot, especially with a newborn, snacks and refreshments are provided. This ensures that the energy levels of the parents are sustained, allowing for a more enjoyable and productive session.

newborn shoot Sydney

The Result

Fleeting Moments of your Tiny Baby, Beautifully Captured

Newborns grow rapidly, and capturing their tiny features becomes a race against time. We understand this urgency, and would love to help you to freeze these fleeting moments in time through our lens.

Stunning Newborn and Family Portraits

The final portraits are not mere photographs; they are timeless memories frozen in pixels. These images become cherished keepsakes, offering a tangible connection to a time when your little one was truly little. The importance of having newborn portraits lies in the ability to revisit these precious moments years down the line.

newborn family photography

Why Should You Book Your Newborn Photography Session With Us?

Our newborn photography services extend far beyond the act of taking pictures. It's about creating an experience that new parents will cherish for a lifetime. The meticulous planning, attention to detail, and commitment to a relaxed atmosphere all contribute to the creation of stunning portraits that encapsulate the essence of early parenthood.

Please get in touch with us through our Contact Page or by calling Janette on 0431 591 096 for more information on our Newborn Portrait Sessions.

To see more of our work, visit our Newborn Portrait Gallery.

To book your session or a free consultation, please visit our Book Online page.

We look forward to having you in the studio and creating beautiful memories for you on stunning newborn portraits!

newborn photography Sydney


  1. How long does a typical newborn photoshoot last?

  • The duration varies but usually takes between 2 to 4 hours, allowing time for feeding and soothing the baby.

  1. Do I need to bring any props or outfits for the photoshoot?

  • While it's not necessary, you're welcome to bring personal items that hold sentimental value. However, the photographer provides a variety of props and outfits.

  1. Can I include my other children in the newborn photoshoot?

  • Absolutely! Including siblings adds a beautiful dynamic to the portraits, capturing the essence of family bonds.

  1. What happens if my baby is fussy during the session?

  • The photographer is experienced in handling newborns and understands that they can be unpredictable. The session is designed to be flexible to accommodate the baby's needs.

  1. How soon after the photoshoot can I expect to receive the final images?

  • At the end of your session, we will make an appointment for a viewing and ordering session, in about 1-2 weeks time. Once you selected and ordered your favourite images, the editing process typically takes another 1-2 weeks. Then we will order your prints, but you will already have access to your digital images at this time.


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