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Maternity Photo Shoot Gowns - Part Three: Darker Tones

In this third post about our maternity photo shoot gowns, you are going to find information about our darker toned dresses and accessories. If you would like to see our lighter and mid tone outfits, please visit our previous two blog posts.

The Silky Cognac

I would like to start with our most popular item. This 1.5x3 meter cognac coloured silky shawl is very much loved by our expecting clients. It looks amazing in the studio, with our dark background, and on the beach as well. We use it all the time for maternity sessions and glamour shoots too.

beach maternity session

maternity photography sydney

Purples and Reds

Another very popular pregnancy photoshoot dress is the burgundy coloured silky dress, beautifully handmade in the Netherlands. We often use it in our favourite garden, the Swain Gardens in Killara. It looks stunning with the green background. Our new mums ofter wear it too for their newborn session.

outdoor maternity shoot

maternity photos sydney

family photography

I absolutely love this rust orange pregnancy dress as well. It is made of a beautiful fabric and the colour is simply stunning! We use it all the time both in the studio and outdoors as well.

maternity photos sydney

The bellow image was taken at Bobbin Head, which one of my favourite locations for maternity portraits.

pregnancy photography

We have the below purple dress in sleeveless and long sleeve versions. Our expecting mums often choose these, they look absolutely beautiful and are made of a very fine material. They are stretchy are very comfortable to wear. I use them all the time with the silver chair and the black background. My clients also often borrow them for their baby shower.

pregnancy photography near me

The silk shawl on the below image is from Singapore, from the times when I used to live and work there. It was an amazing addition to the studio's wardrobe, and this purple is one of my favourite colours. I love making it fly on my pregnancy photos.

pregnancy photography

The last gown in this chapter is the maroon lacy one. I purchased it 5 years ago and have been using it a lot ever since. It is popular in the studio, for outdoor maternity sessions and for baby showers as well.

maternity shoot sydney


The studio has two green outfits for pregnancy photography: one of them is a velvety moss green bodysuit and the other one is a stunning tulle olive green gown with a matching bodysuit. Both of them look amazing on maternity portraits.

studio maternity shoot

maternity photographer sydney


Let's not forget about the dark blue dresses, since they are very popular. The light and mid-blues were already mentioned in the previous two blog posts. Here I will only show the darker ones. One of my favourite ones is the navy blue dress that opens up at the front to reveal the baby bump. I love using it for artistic looking maternity portraits.

fine art maternity photos

The other one is the royal blue gown, which has a very interesting skirt design.

maternity photographer


We offer a few black outfits as well. We have lacy black robes, a short lacy dress that opens at the front and a long elegant gown. Black on black can look amazing on maternity photos, I love playing around with dark tones and contrasts.

baby bump photography

expecting photos

expecting mum

We have many more items in our wardrobe for maternity photography, it would be impossible to list and show all of them. Please visit us to see our whole collection, we are more than happy to show you around and explain all the details about our pregnancy sessions.

Please visit our Maternity Gallery, if you would like to see more of our work. To book a free consultation or a portrait session with us, please go to our Book Online page. For more information, please call Janette on 0431 591 096 or get in touch with us through the Contact Page.

Please keep an eye on our blog, more useful information are coming up, like for example how to prepare and what to bring to your maternity session. For our lighter colored and mid tone maternity gowns please visit our previous two blog posts.


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